Mike Sadowsky

Director, BioTechnology Institute

Michael Sadowsky is the Director BioTechnology Institute, and a Distinguished McKnight Professor in the Department of Soil, Water and Climate. He is the Co-Director MnDRIVE Environment.

His area of research is in several areas of environmental microbiology. One of the major research efforts in his laboratory is directed toward the development of technologies to determine sources of fecal pollution in waterways. His lab is also investigating the use of purified enzymes, and transgenic bacteria and plants, to bioremediate herbicide-contaminated soils and water. Recently, his research has extended to the way microbial transplantation alters the gut ecosystem, and the potential benefits for human health.

Sadowsky is a fellow in the prestigious American Academy of Microbiology and is internationally known and respected for his research work in the area of environmental microbiology. He received his PhD in Microbiology from the University of Hawaii, Honolulu.

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