Mission Statement

The Water Council serves to to bring together the resources from across the University of Minnesota system to address the pressing concern of access to clean water for the 21 Century. Globally, access to clean water for industry, agriculture, and consumption is an increasingly pressing issue. Here in Minnesota, there are over 350 contaminated sites and 44% of assessed waters are impaired with toxic chemicals and nutrients.

The Water Council will

Promote and support strategic development of water research and education

We will asses the assess and gaps in our current areas of expertise across the University of Minnesota System, and develop a plan for how to develop water research and opportunities over the long term.

Add value and bring resources to the University and state around water issues

We provide integration of University research into State and Federal policy initiatives and help our stakeholders in the public, business, and agencies find solutions to complex problems around water.

Coordinate across the University’s water assets

We are committed to better integration of University research across the University of Minnesota system, and to bringing a diverse set of voices and perspectives to the solution of water related problems.

Connect with people about water, water research and water education

The Water Council offers a link between stakeholders and relevant programs and individuals at the University in order to serve residents of the state and effectively tell the story of “water” and how it is relevant and meaningful to people.

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